The knife that TIC's our boxes.


Born from a desire to recapture a timeless gesture from the past...the everyday pocket knife. The creators imagined it simple and ultralight, without compromising size, to carry with you only the pure essential: the perfect cut.

In 2010 Stéphane Lebeau designed and invented an ultralight pocket knife, with a weight comparable to that of a simple letter. This ultralight knife slips comfortably into a pocket, an elegant accessory to any daily ensemble, but still comfortable to use: a perfect balance of a minimalist look while respecting the functional dimensions of a table knife. Named by their weight 15grams, 27grams and 37grams, Deejo knives are not therefore light in size or material but by design.


A few years later, Luc Foin, Stéphane’s friend and partner, envisioned the idea of personalisation. Luc loves objects imbued with emotion and story, which reflect a time, a passion or a rare moment, much like acquiring a new watch to mark a special ocassion.

Deejo knives therefore are customisable: to one’s style, taste and mood. Playing on the finishes of a steel blade—in the matte reflections of titanium or the brilliant reflections of shining mirror—and a handle adorned with the wood of various species.

And the story continues: Deejo innovates beyond the traditional knife by offering ‘tattoos’. Tattooing a knife, just like tattooing on skin, personalises a Deejo even more, adding a whole new dimension: identity. Diverse patterns and images inspired from the tattoo world adorn the Deejo blade, allowing you to create a treasured object, an individual piece that is uniquely you.

*Disclaimer: Knives can only be purchased by persons over the age of 16, we reserve the right to refuse orders based on the age of the purchaser. Orders will not be sent without proof of age verification.

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